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Our Story

Connecting people with nature's flavors.

Thami have become conscious consumers thanks to knowledge she have acquired through research, experiencing the positive effects of juicing, and information from helpful documentaries that have fueled a national movement towards health in the United States.

As well-rounded individual and caring parent, She decided to start her own juice bar business in order to share her knowledge and take an active role in the health movement towards conscious eating and healing by treating food like nature's medicine. 


While their professional and academic backgrounds undoubtedly pin the couple as caring intellectuals, their strongest asset as prospective business owners is quite possibly the strength of their bond.

Raghu and Gowthami met in high school, dated in university, and married in 2015.

The couple is now prepared to pool their resources and work as a team outside of their home as business owners. Together, they will ensure that the dream they share, for their community to access the highest quality of nutrition organic ingredients can offer, becomes a reality.

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