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Cleanse Program

With all of the options, trends, and rich flavors out there, it can be hard to slow down and remember that eating is actually meant to nourish our bodies. Taking a break from your regular diet with a cleanse is a wonderful way to reset.

Are you ready for the challenge? 


Multi Flavor Healthy Juice

Cleanse 1
4 Smoothies | 1 Juice

Replace your regular diet with 4 smoothies and 1 juice per day. This level of cleansing is ideal for beginners who would like to rely on an influx of fruit and vegetable energy. Smoothies supplement regular meals, leaving you feeling full.


This program allows the body time to detoxify while staying energized and full from pure nutrition.

Cleanse 2
3 Juices | 2 Smoothies |
1 Wellness Shot

Cleanse 2 is the next level of detoxification. Relieve yourself from the stress your normal diet puts on your digestive system. Supplementing more of your meals with juices gives the digestive system a rest. Save your smoothies for moments of peak hunger and feel yourself lighten up within the 7-day process. 



Cleanse 3

6 Juices and 2 Wellness Shots per day

This is the total Detox Challenge! 42 juices in 7 days allow the ultimate detox experience to take place. No carbs, cooked or raw foods to digest. Just all of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your body needs to thrive. During moments of hunger between juices, we suggest that you make a pot of hot herbal tea.


Remember to drink lots of water throughout the day and be mindful of your commitment to health!


Why Cleanse

Taking time to cleanse gives you the space to reflect on how much you think when your hand reaches up for your mouth as you ingest something. So much of what we eat depends on social, cultural, familial, or work influences. Being that you are responsible for your own health and vitality, it is important to really evaluate how much your diet is serving you and wonder if there could be a better way to feed yourself.

Cleansing takes away the need to prepare or consider what to eat. Your juices and smoothies are simply made for you. At the end of your cleanse you will see how different your body feels when it is only given basic nutrients and quality ingredients so that you can make more mindful decisions about what to eat.

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